How Businesses Can Benefit From Having Their Own Corporate Challenge Coins

October 10, 2014 By: Howard Oakley Category: Military

More and more businesses are using corporate challenge coins as a way of building team spirit among their employees and officers. These specially-made coins have a long history reportedly dating back to World War I when they were more accurately known as medallions and given out to American volunteers in a particular squadron by their commanding officer. These medallions eventually became a way for members of the squadron to identify themselves since they bore the squad insignia.

Although the use of challenge coins was originally limited to the military, more and more civilian groups have since minted their own medallions. Sports organizations such as the NFL and NASCAR issued medallions to participants, as has the World Series of Poker. They are also given out to donors and other supporters of particular groups as well, as a way for the organization to demonstrate its appreciation.

challenge coinsBusinesses that choose to have their own challenge coins made can use them in a number of ways. For instance, employees who participate in company events and training sessions may receive a coin as a way to mark their participation, in lieu of a certificate. These medallions may also be given to employees who have demonstrated exemplary performance, as a way of rewarding them and indicating that they stand out among the rest of the work force. Or they can be given to an employee as soon as they have passed the probationary period and been working for the company for a certain amount of time, as a way to show that they are now a part of a team.

Designing Corporate Challenge Coins

If you are planning on ordering some of these special medallions for your business, you will want to make them as distinctive as possible, in order to show that they are objects to be valued rather than ordinary run-of-the-mill tokens. Here are a number of tips to keep in mind to ensure that your custom coin is special:

• Create the best-looking coin that you can afford. Since you are likely to not make too many of these coins, in order to preserve their value, you can probably afford to add a few special features outside of the regular options. For example, if you are planning to give the coin to only a select few, why not make it a coin cutout with your logo in bas-relief?

• Add numbering to the coin. Sequential numbering is a way of indicating that the coin is a limited issue and not everybody will be getting one. It can even be a point of pride for long-time employees that they have low-numbered coins since it shows that they have demonstrated loyalty to the company.

Consider making the coin a custom shape. Although they are called custom coins, these medallions do not have to be round. You can make your corporate coin stand out by making it a distinctive shape such as a square, rectangle or even a special die-cut design. This will help them to stand out as well as avoiding their being mistaken for real coins or other round objects such as tokens.

• Make it into a keychain. By adding this useful attachment to it, you ensure that your custom coin will always be carried around and the person possessing it will always remember that they are a part of your company.

No matter the size of your business, whether big or small, having your own organizational challenge coins will greatly help improve employee morale. And they are not as expensive as you might think, particularly if you are buying in bulk quantities.

Collecting Military Patches

September 06, 2014 By: Harold Payne Category: Product

Military patches are some of the most common types of military memorabilia that hobbyists collect. Not only do they come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, but they also often come with affordable price tags. Their compact size also allows collectors to easily display and transfer them to any location. Aside from frames and display boxes, binders or clear file drawers can also be used to store these patches.

However, despite the ease and convenience that this type of collection allows, it is still best if you set clear goals and objectives before starting your endeavour. After all, military patches can come not only in various shapes and sizes, but they can also come in different categories. Therefore, it is recommended that you focus only on one specific branch, time period, or country and work on completing that collection before moving to another category. This method will ensure that your collection will remain organized and streamlined.

Another way to go about building your collection is to focus only on the military patches that possess a story that particularly resonates with you. This will help you narrow down your options when choosing between which patches should be included in your collection. Likewise, these patches that are associated with significant historical figures or events are usually more highly valued than the others. As a result, each piece will serve as an investment that will only serve to increase the overall value of the entire collection.

Military patchesHowever, when it comes to such patches, it is vital that you diligently research on its history and guarantee its authenticity. It is also recommended that you find evidences, such as documents or photographs, which validate the authenticity of the item. Naturally, you should only order your patches from credible sources or stores if you choose to make your purchase online.

Aside from researching on the patches themselves, make sure to research on your supplier as well. Take note of the guidelines and quality control systems they have regarding their items. In addition, you should make sure that they have good customer support as well as a refund option in place in case their items do not meet your expectations.

After carefully scrutinizing your patches and determining their value, the next step you should take is to find a suitable storage device. Aside from serving as a container for display, these storage devices will also protect your investment pieces from deterioration. Obviously, properly preserved pieces will have a higher resale value in the future compared to a damaged patch.

Additionally, it is vital that you record all of the relevant information that is associated with each piece in order to help you better organize your collection. A comprehensive catalogue that details the quality, date of purchase, and name of supplier will also make your collection more credible for future buyers.

In the end, although military patches might be a relatively affordable war memorabilia, many of the rarer patches will still come with a stiff price tag. These patches are often highly prized due to the prestigious historical significance that they possess. Therefore, only the most serious collectors opt to invest in these pricey items.

Fortunately, if you want a more affordable and convenient alternative for these patches then you have the option to commission a replica from an online military patch supplier instead. However, since this replica will not hold the historical significance of the original, this choice is most recommended for those who want to make use of the patches as an accessory or display piece rather than as an actual part of a collection.

Exciting Pensacola Entertainment is a Must- Visit the Beautiful Santa Rosa Island

September 05, 2014 By: Brian Scott Category: Travel

There are many different types of Pensacola entertainment or Pensacola attractions you can take part in. Santa Rosa Island is an unincorporated land located south of Pensacola, Florida. It sits right in the Gulf Coast, and is home to the Santa Rosa Island Authority. This small group of 6 members oversee this small island. This island contains a rich history and many activities that tourists and locals alike enjoy. Visit the beautiful Santa Rosa Island to make your vacation a whole lot more interesting.

The island offers many different types of Pensacola entertainment for people of all ages, including:

Pensacola Beach

Pensacola AttractionsThis is the most popular attraction on the Santa Rosa Island. It is 8 miles wide, and goes up to a quarter mile wide at its widest part. Not only does it offer soft sand for all to enjoy, but provides many different activities as well. You can choose to participate in water sports, take some boat tours, etc. Many companies will offer lessons or rentals that you can choose to purchase for the water sports. There are also very many boat charters that will take you see the Gulf Coast or deep sea fishing.

As for surfers, there are safety flags on all areas of the 8 mile beach to indicate which parts are safe enough. Since the beach is quite long, you’ll find that there is plenty of space to surf along the beach.

There are also other activities right next to the beach such as mini golf, arcades, and go-carting. Your entire family can spend days on this island without feeling the slightest bit bored or restless.

The Pier

Attached to the beach is a long pier. You can walk along it to enjoy the peaceful view of the ocean, or you can walk to the end of the pier to do some fishing. The pier also provides a convenience store, restaurant, public restrooms, seating areas, and bait and tackle shops.

Segway and Bike Tour

You can rent a Segway or a bike and roam around Santa Rosa Island yourself. You’ll see many beautiful buildings and attractions, and stop along the way to enjoy them. This is a great way to both tour the island and get around to all the attractions you’d like to see.

Vacation Homes

Santa Rosa Island has a beautiful landscape filled with amazing traditional architecture. The 2nd Spanish colonists resided on the island during the 18th century, and their influence filled the streets of Santa Rosa Island. These days, the residential homes from this century have been preserved to give visitors an authentic historical experience. These traditional homes are available for rent for any visiting tourist. You can rent one of these houses and spend some time on this lovely island before you head back to the mainland. Get a feel for what it’s like to live in such a history-rich area. You have over 400 rentable homes to choose from.

If you are looking for exciting Pensacola entertainment, visit the beautiful Santa Rosa Island for an amazing and enriching experience. This island is a mere 50 miles long and a quarter of a mile wide, with over a thousand acres of it making up the Pensacola Beach. Its history of both Spanish settlers make this island unique. It’s even evident that Native Americans resided on this luscious island around two thousand years ago. Keep in mind when you visit the Santa Rosa Island that there is indeed a toll pass to get through. However, don’t let that stop you from visiting this place. It truly is a unique and fantastic location what will surely provide you with a memorable vacation.

5 Fool-Proof Ways to Engage the Audience in Your Keynote Presentation

August 20, 2014 By: Rosemary Tyson Category: Motivation

It is easy to lose your audience, but it can also be easy to engage them if you know the tricks. Here are five fool-proof ways to do it.

1. Understand the audience

When a business plans to expand in another place, they try to get to know their prospective market and stakeholders that matter. When an account executive tries to close a deal with a client, he researches on his preferences, disposition and soft spots to get his attention, sympathy and subsequently, approval.

The same is true for a keynote speaker. One has to understand the culture, type of language used and the interests of his audience to ensure that he gets and retains their attention and approval.

Maybe the audience has a specific spot for sentimentality with regard to a specific subject that might work on your favor, like when giving a keynote presentation in a calamity-prone area.

Maybe the community you are speaking with has a level of sensitivity that when touched can infuriate them, like when delivering a speech with a community that experienced great losses in the past.

You have to understand your audience’s soft and sensitive spots, so that you can know what to touch and what to avoid.

2. Encourage a dialogue, not a monologue

You will definitely not be alone in the venue, so make sure that you address your audience by encouraging dialogue and interaction. “What for, they cannot answer back clearly anyway?” you might ask.

It does not matter. For them, a simple nod, quick response or laughter will pass as an interaction because they recognize your desire to include them in your speech.

keynote speakerWith a keynote speaker, audience participation does not refer to a healthy repartee. You can simply ask them and prompt them to respond with a yes, no or laughter. Ask them to interrupt you if you think they can offer you an argument that you can use to expound your message. Let them write down notes about some important points for later reference (just not too much; otherwise, you will sound like Oprah Winfrey).

3. Involve them emotionally

Smile with them, laugh with them. Let them feel happiness, sadness, anger or regret through your anecdotes. Involving them emotionally is the best way to involve them mentally and physically, making your speech more memorable.

Formal studies have proven that emotional connection increases memory and empathy. This is very helpful if your keynote presentation is more about technical matters that not everyone in the audience can relate to.

Nowadays, there are a lot more ways to emotionally involve the audience other than by telling funny or heartwarming stories. Why not find a funny YouTube video and share it with your audience? Afterwards, you can ask for their reaction. Online meme is also a trend in lightening up the mood since they make a point with a touch of humor.

4. Use drama in your voice

Movies have musical score to adjust the mood according to expectation. Unfortunately, as a keynote speaker, you do not have that kind of technical support, so you only have your voice to play with.

Speak softly on non-serious parts of your speech. Shift to a louder, higher tone to emphasize importance. Whisper if you have to elicit emotional response and use the power of silence to create impact. You can be playful with your voice to avoid monotony that breeds boredom and inattentiveness.

Notice how standup comedians change their inflection all the time. They vary their tone, pitch and volume as they deliver the punch line.

5. Meet the audience after your speech

Politicians know this trick vey well. They go down the stage to shake hands and meet the audience face to face. This is a great way for them to become memorable. As a keynote speaker, doing this will also shorten the distance between an authority and expert like you, and ordinary audience like them.

Factors a SEO Company Looks AT For Ranking Your Pages Higher

August 13, 2014 By: Edwyn Gray Category: SEO

When you’re launching a website, you may have a lot of ideas in mind as to what the end result will be. Everyone that has ever launched a site for their business, or to isolate an idea that they’ve had has gone through the same issues that you’ll go through. The biggest problem is in the world of internet marketing, and traffic generation. These two isolated solutions are not mutually exclusive and are not easy to work within. You may think that you can master each one and figure out how to seriously gain market share, but it’s not a simple thing at all. In fact, you will find that you will want to hire a SEO company.

For the naysayers that may not want to immediately trust the input of a professional grade firm, there is definitely a lot of different reasons why you may want to forego this. However, you will find that they are limited and difficult to truly manifest in regards to the real world of marketing that you will have to traverse today. You will find that there are a lot of factors that need attention, and at the end of the day, you will not be able to do it within the realms of DIY. Sure, the notion of DIY may sound like it’s appealing because it’s free, but you will find great detriment going that route. Instead of seeking that solution, consider the following factors that will prove to be the elements of getting you noticed online through the power of what a SEO company can truly offer you.

The Loading of Your Page

seoHow fast does your page load? Pretty fast? Or slow? What determines the speed of your site? Furthermore how are people seeing it through various browsers? You may not have any real idea as to what is going on with your page and for that reason, you will want to think twice about just letting your page go without the influence of a professional grade company that can help you achieve great success in terms of traffic generation. If you want to get noticed online, you have to allow a good company to come in and do a great deal of auditing of your existing page. If you start to cycle through the pages and realize what it is that will help you attain the right measurements and then work on them, you can fix errors that are stopping you from dominating your niche.

The Way Content is Formatted

You may have great content but you will want to look at how it’s formatted and where it is located. You do not want to isolate bad content in the wrong places. If you have terrible content, you will need a whole new revamped design flow of the words chosen to describe what you do, what your message is, and what call to action you have in mind. If you do not have a clearly defined message or a call to action that people can work within, you will end up losing out on the things that you need to succeed today. It’s that simple. The biggest factor that you need to consider, and one that a company will change for you is the way content is formatted for today and tomorrow. There have been many books documenting the fact that you can definitely gain major sales if you just learn the vocabulary that will help you gain serious market share over time.

The Backlinks You Need To Succeed

Every single website on the internet needs to have backlinks. Whether you want to work on them yourself or not, you will notice that the internet is driven through the links that people have across the board. There are a lot of different things that you’re going to find get moving forward in this regards and if you don’t have any sort of links, you are going to be behind fast. Getting behind on link exchanges and things of that nature may seem trivial to some, but it’s the lifeblood of SEO in today’s framework. For some, it trumps content marketing and can either make or break your influence online. If you have the right links from the right sites, you will end up with a traffic overflow that is hard to contend with, and that alone is worth chasing for the future. You will not go wrong if you just highlight these elements in the right way. Just remember to avoid going through the DIY methodology of link exchanges, web rings, and bulk implementations.

The Reality of SEO Is Not Speed

If you think that you’re going to speed through the SEO process, you’ll be sorely disappointed. There are a lot of things that optimization is good at, speed is not one of them. If you speed through the implementation process that you need to work with, or you do not hire a company to help you, you’ll find that your reach will plummet and your site will soon be ignored by the masses. You don’t want that to occur, so it’s best to consider the factors that a good optimization resource will consider for guiding your page to ultimate traffic influx.

Top Uses of Lanyards

July 17, 2014 By: Brett Ronald Category: Product

Lanyards can be very effective when used for the right circumstances. It may look like a simple cord but its uses can be definitely noticed. These can help people in small ways.

There are many important uses of ID Lanyards especially to the students, workers, and employees. Some students use identification cards while some students use name tags. ID Lanyards hold those identification cards securely.

The students might lose their IDs if they put it anywhere else. The main purpose of using lanyards is to keep the identification cards seen at all times. People usually wear lanyards on their necks, this way the valuable items being held by the lanyards will not be lost easily because they are visible to the owner.

Sometimes, companies give free giveaways that have their business name on it. Some of these giveaways are fans, mugs, papers, and lanyard laces. ID Lanyards can also be used for promoting and advertising stuff. You can print various designs and letters on it. Some lanyards were purposely made so that the people who wear them can advertise whatever was written on them.

By this method of using lanyards for advertising products and services, there is a huge possibility that the business being advertised might make a bigger sale.

Some people buy different types of lanyard laces for their own amusement. They use these lanyards as collections. People can buy lanyards but they can also create their own lanyard laces by hand. They can also express their character depending on what design they will be creating on their lanyards. Other people just make lanyards for their own amusement where they can create their own handicrafts.

ID lanyardsIf lanyards can be used in holding IDs, these can also be used in holding keys. Keys are among the most important things that we always bring wherever we go. Some people place their keys in their wallets. But what if you lose your wallet? Then you lose your money and your keys too. It will be easier to find your keys if you are using lanyard laces to hold them. It can be placed around your neck where you can see it clearly.

Lanyards cannot easily be destroyed. It can hold your keys into place and secure it from getting lost. Other than keys and identification cards, which are very important, you also use cell phones to keep in touch with people around you. Due to the fact that cell phones are prone to being lost by owners, ID Lanyards are the perfect places where people can hang their cell phones.

A lanyard can be long or short. It depends on what you want, who will use it, and what object will it hold for you. Lanyards are good for holding important items.

These can be also used to carry eye glasses so that they will not fall to the ground and break. Even in sports, lanyards can also be used by people especially in carrying whistles. The whistle is attached to the lanyard to help the user to easily pick up their whistle during the time of the game. Instead of putting your whistle in your pocket, you can just leave your whistle hanging in front of you with the help of a lanyard lace.

Lanyards are also important to hikers. Hikers must always be ready with their important stuff because there are huge probabilities of danger awaiting them. They can use the lanyards to hold their bottled waters, maps and any other stuff that are important to them. If they do not have a holder like a lanyard lace, it will be hard for them to move because their things cannot be easily taken whenever in need.

Some lanyards are used as laces but then they can also be used as decorations.


Printed Circuit Board and How to Create Its Design

July 02, 2014 By: Alfred Goodwin Category: Electronics

Printed circuit boardis known to be one of the most fundamental elements that make electronic machines and equipment work. To those who think that they have not yet seen one, it is the conventional card or board with holes and intertwined wires that may be found in different machineries and establishments. Some people may think that all those little and thin colorful lines are for its aesthetic purposes but it is not. Each wire in the printed circuit board is actually up to represent its component. This too, is to easily distinguish what the wire is for and at the same time, makes it easier to install the entire board.

When mentioned “design on a printed circuit board”, some people may think that this electronic device my go with different shapes and designs that are all for aesthetic purposes. But the truth is, no, designs of the wire boards do not go like that. The design of the printed circuit board actually varies to the components that need to be met and all the wires. It is not about the design being on its literal term, rather, the design being the arrangement or the installation of all the wires and the entirety of the board.

For those who would like to design their own printed boards, here are some of the tips that must be put into consideration:

pcb-4First and foremost, make all the nodes of the board accessible. With this, one can easily check or repair the board if something is down. This will help one easily decipher what the problem is and at the same time, will be able to attend to the concern without additional hassle.

Second, see to it that there are actually spaces in between the components. Proper spacing between the components will help one properly place all the wires and at the same time, it will give enough space most especially if the board is already jampacked with lots of small wires.

Also, see to it that the components are all arranged in order and all the same components will go together. With this, one will not be able to have a hard time looking for the components. Each component must have a title. With that, there will be no problems in soldering the board and placing the wires properly.

It is also important to print the layout before finalizing and before putting so much effort in the board. With this, one will be able to know if the component’s size will meet the needed ones. One must never proceed to drilling and soldering unless all the sizes for the components have been checked.

Of course, know the specifications needed. It is really important to ensure that everything will go well and creating your own design for the printed circuit board will only be a waste of time. Know all the specifications, the width, the length and everything that must be put into consideration before starting. With this, one will be able to avoid further unnecessary expense, waste of resources, and most importantly waste of time and energy. Before starting anything most especially in creating a very crucial device, one must learn first how to plan and to put everything in order.

There are still lots of tips and steps to be considered in creating a design for the printed circuit board. But here are only some things for a head start. Other things to be taken into consideration in designing a PCB are the aligning of angles, checking of the areas, choosing of the materials, considering spots of heat and a lot more.

Understanding Windows VPS Hosting

July 02, 2014 By: Cameron Perkins Category: web hosting

Windows Virtual Private Server hosting provides users the ability to have part of a web server for personal use. This is much cheaper as compared to running your own dedicated server and providing you better resources as compared to a virtual hosting account (also known as shared hosting account). A Windows virtual private server hosting account will provide a certain amount of guaranteed or dedicated RAM and a maximum quantity of burstable RAM. This RAM is also an essential feature since this is your headroom during busy times and if you need to run an application for a short period of time that require lots of memory. The dedicated RAM is the minimum amount you will have for your Windows VPS hosting account.

Your Windows Virtual Private Server will likewise require storage space for vps1your websites and files and this is normally a part of the total storage available on the server. The advantage of using as opposed to having the whole hard disk is that you will get storage space that will most likely be secured by RAID 1 or better.

RAID design is when 2 or more hard drives are the same, making them redundant and if a drive failure occurs, you will still have all the data that you require. The most important thing is that the data will still be accessible by others worldwide. Typically redundant hard drive systems are more costly as compared to using only one drive and in most cases this feature alone on a guaranteed server will cost like your Window VPS hosting account.

Learn More About Windows VPS Hosting Account

Windows Virtual Private Server runs the operating system from Microsoft known as Windows Server. There are several types of Windows server being used today, some make use of less system resources as compared to others. When it comes to Linux VPS it means any Linux based OS functioning on a Virtual Private Server. Since there are more flavors of Linux as compared to Windows there is no need to go into too much detail on the various operating system enough to say that most of them are free, except for a few enterprise Linux distributions that come together with tech support.

Misconceptions Between Windows VPS and Linux Plans

Windows Virtual Private Server Hosting is much easier to use as compared to Linux

The common misconception is that Windows hosting plans are much easier to use by those who have never tried Linux or by individuals who don’t have any idea of what the Linux operating system is. That may have been the situation back in the late 1990, but at present if you know how to point and click and complete an online form you can apply the Linux VPS hosting plan. The important thing to look for when choosing a plan is the type of control panel being offered. It is the interface that does all the behind the scenes task for you enabling you to point and click to set up new websites and control your server.

Assigned Bandwidth and Windows VPS Hosting

The bandwidth included in your VPS service plan is usually enough for website owners. Some of the fundamental Windows VPS accounts can start at around 50 GB every month and can go as high as 2,000 GB every month. Some may run over 50 websites on a virtual private server hosting account that enables you to use up to 500 GB a month, which is a modest amount by most of the VPS hosting plans today and you may use only 37GB a month and that is enough for moderate website traffic.

The Kinds of Protection to Look For in Home Safes

July 01, 2014 By: Erik Payne Category: Safety Products

There are lots of models of home safes available, and even more factors to consider when choosing from among them as well. Thus, choosing a safe to buy can be quite a challenge. The varieties of models also dictate their features and limitations, be it in the level of protection they offer, their content capacity and even how the owner can organize his or her belongings in them. That is because a good number of home safe models offer shelves and trays that can hold objects of different sizes. Thus, a shopper of safes would need to think of which model would best serve his or her needs.

home safesIn considering home safes, the type of protection should be primary consideration. This factor is primarily dependent on what items the owner would like to put in the safe and what elements and surroundings the safe may be exposed to. Here are the various types of protection standard safes should be able to provide. From knowing this, the shopper would be able to identify which safe model would best suit his or her requirements. Take note that some models provide all these types of protection, while some may only be effective in one protection type.

Water Protection

Shoppers of home safes who live in areas that are prone to flooding or those who are placing their safes in moist or damp areas should consider this as their primary qualification. They would need to make sure that their valuables, especially documents and other things made of paper, that can be easily ruined with moisture has superior protection from water damage. For this kind of protection, ETL Semko, an independent testing body, measures the competence of safe models.

There are only two categories by which ETL Semko verifies the water protection capabilities of a home safe:

* Waterproof safes can undergo complete submersion with very little water or moisture entering it (8 drops or 0.5 grams of water/moisture)

* Water-resistant verification can be awarded to a safe that can withstand 15 minutes of water spray measuring 1,000 gallons or one whole hours of being in 6 inches of moisture.

Fire Protection

In order to know how effective they are in providing protection in cases of extremely high temperatures, safes are subjected to tests by independent testing bodies. The most common certifier of the level of fire protection is UL or Underwriters Laboratory. Seeing a UL symbol on a home safe or on its packaging ensures the shopper that he or she is getting quality protection for valuables in case of a fire. The unit UL uses would be the during items inside the safe during a fire:

* Half hour protection at 843° C or 1550° F

* One hour protection at 927 °C or 1700° F

* Two hour protection at 1010 °C or 1850 °F

Security Protection

Although this type of protection does not have quantifiable indicators or measurements like the two others, security protection is very crucial to any and all kinds of home safes. After all, people put valuable items in a safe for security purposes. Even if a safe offers water and fire protection, if it does not offer even a standard amount of security, the whole purpose of having a safe is defeated. Here are the features that should be present in a safe to consider it at least competent in security protection:

* Construction of solid steel

* Doors that is resistant to prying

* Tethering cables

* Anti-fish hoppers

* Bolt-down kits

* Sizeable bolts

* A good number of bolts (a minimum of 2)

With all these protection factors considered, hopefully the buyer will be more particular of what to look for once he or she selects one.

The Charms of Golf

June 28, 2014 By: Dale Ferguson Category: Sports

Over the years, golf has earned the reputation of being one of the most loved and most betted on games all over the world. Amateurs and professionals alike have been hooked on it for years because of the amount of precision and concentration that it takes with every swing of their golf clubs. It can be played by people of all ages and both genders, and is also one of the few sports that do not have a standardized playing area, meaning the extent of challenge with every course can greatly vary.

Playing golf basically involves hitting a ball off a tee using a wide array of golf clubs, and aiming to direct it into a hole on the green. The course is normally consisted of 110 to 190 acres of land, and may include challenges like sand dunes, trees, rough patches, and bodies of water. Aside from the playing area, a typical golf course also houses a clubhouse, a driving range, tee areas, and practice greens.

club-6A whole course is consisted of a series of holes; each having a legal teeing ground, defining the point from where you are allowed to hit the ball aimed to a specific hole. A tee is a small peg used to elevate the ball from the ground to reduce interference with the club prior to striking it. This increases the efficiency of force transfer between the club and the ball. Some courses use mounds of sand instead of tee pegs to reduce litter and preserve the tee area condition of the course.

Most holes are visible from the teeing area, though other courses may bend to the left or to the right, increasing the level of challenge. A full round consists of 18 holes, while other short courses offer only 9 holes although you can still play a full round by playing through the whole course twice.

Every player is allowed to carry with him a maximum of 14 golf clubs. These vary in build and length, as longer clubs normally increase the trajectory of the ball to cover longer lengths, while shorter clubs are used to cover shorter distances. It has three basic types: woods, irons, and putters.

Woods are normally used for long drives and open areas, covering as far as 250 – 350 yards. In spite of the name, modern woods are actually made of metal such as titanium and other composite materials. It was originally made of wood, but current evolution in the technology of golf clubs has prompted the use of metal for modern use, even as the naming remained the same. A variety of dimensions are available for woods that allow various degrees of ball take-off, also called as the “loft”, and also the distance that it is meant to cover.

Irons are normally used for distances that are less than 200 yards away from the teeing area, while hybrids are a combination of wood and iron clubs. From the name, its design basically a combines both types of clubs and has gained immense popularity in the recent years.

Lastly, putters are golf clubs that are specialized in covering small distances to get the ball into the hole. It still comes in various styles depending on the style of play that one requires.

Many are enamored with golf because of the lush greens that each golf course offers. It serves as a sport and a means to relax at the same time, not to mention the sense of ‘exclusivity’ that each golf club grants to its loyal patrons. Many also see this as a ticket to penetrating certain social circles, and eventually get hooked with the challenges of the game nevertheless.